Wireless-Tester.Com launches Wireless Potato Node™!

Wireless-Tester.Com (officially known as ORKA FOOD TECHNOLOGY) launched Wireless Potato Node™ which identifies exact locations where potato damage takes place.

Wireless Potato Node™ (or Wireless Spud) provides a real-time measure of shock, vibration, rotation,
tilting and temperature to which potatoes are subjected, helping to monitor potato conveying, grading and packing installations and transportation extending from farm location to point of sale.

Wireless Potato Node™ identifies exact locations where potatoes are damaged. This enables appropriate corrective action to reduce bruising and losses and improving operational efficiency. It enhances the profit for potato-production farms.

Manufacturers of grading and packing machines use Wireless Potato Node™ to ensure that conveyor systems run smoothly and are well-adjusted.

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