Wireless Avocado Node™


Wireless Avocado Node™ identifies exact locations where avocado damage takes place

Wireless Avocado Node™ provides a real-time measure of shock, vibration, rotation, tilting and temperature to which avocados are subjected, helping to monitor avocado conveying,grading and packing installations and transportation extending from harvest location to point of sale.

Wireless Avocado Node™ identifies exact locations where avocados are damaged. This enables appropriate corrective action to reduce bruising and losses and improving operational efficiency. It enhances the profit for avocado-production farms.

Manufacturers of grading and packing machines use Wireless Avocado Node™ to ensure that conveyor systems run smoothly and are well-adjusted.


avocado image Avocado 688 avocados

Wireless Avocado Node™ Attributes:

  • Mimics the shape, size and weight of a avocado for reproducibility of data
  • Measures external forces on avocado including vibration, rotation, tilt, inclination, shock and acceleration along the chain extending from harvest through packing, transport and in-store handling
  • Incorporates a high-speed tri-axial ± 40 G accelerometer with an internal temperature sensor
  • Super accurate (+/- 0.1 C°) Internal Temperature sensor
  • Water resistant and can pass through standard washing installations
  • Scalable, data transmitted up to 2 km (1.2 mile) line-of-sight
  • Network supports up to 128 ORKA Wireless Avocados simultaneously!
  • Supports continuous, burst and event-triggered sampling and data-logging with transfer of data to an internal memory
  • Extended internal memory – 16 MB on-board data storage (8,000,000 data points)
  • Up to 6 months continuous use without charging (in 1 sample / second rate)

Main Features:

  • Simultaneously transmit real-time data and log to memory
  • User-programmable sample rates up to 4096 Hz
  • High speed sampling, node-to-node synchronization up to +/- 32 microseconds
  • Preservation of data integrity under most operating conditions
  • Remotely configure Potato Nodes, acquire and view sensor data with ORKA Node Controller® software
  • Stand-alone radio communication (2.4 GHz), enabling extended communication range exceeding Bluetooth™ devices
  • Simple, user-friendly ORKA Node Controller® Software that includes:
    • Each of the three axes of acceleration separately
    • Total impacting force
    • Zoom in/zoom out for granular detail of events
    • Remarks and point of interest on the real time chart
  • Provides reports, real time charts and data recording.
  • Compatible with laptop computers and tablets running Windows operating system with USB port.
  • Video tutorials
  • Offered with tablet  (optional)
  • 1 year full warranty
 Wireless Avocado Node™ Set includes:


  • Carrying case
  • Gateway + antenna
  • USB cable
  • 1 Wireless Avocado
  • Node Controller® software
  • Tablet (optional)

Specifications :

Integratedsensors TriaxialMEMSaccelerometer,3channels

Internal temperature, 1channel

Datastoragecapacity 16M bytes(upto8,000,000datapoints)
Measurementrange ±40gstandard (±10g , ±20gconfigured)
Accelerometerbandwidth DC to1 kHz
Sensitivity change 0.01%/°C
Resolution 20bit
Anti-aliasing filter bandwidth 1.5 kHz (-6 dB attenuation)
MeasurementRange -4O°Cto85°C
Accuracyandresolution ±0.1°C(over full range)
Sampling modes Continuous, periodic burst, data logging
Samplingrates 1sample / hour to4096samples / second
Sampleratestability ±5ppm
Networkcapacity Upto128avocadonodesperRFchannel
Synchronizationbetweennodes ±50µsec
Wireless communication range Outdoor / line of sight: 2 Km (ideal)800 m (typical)

Indoor / obstructions: 50 m (typical)

Radio Frequency License free 2.405 to 2.480 GHz with 16 channels
RFcommunicationprotocol IEEE8O2.15.4
Operatingtemperature -4O°Cto+85°C
Powersource 3 x 3.6 V ½ AA batteries (Saft LS 14250 recommended)
Battery Input Range 0.8V to 5.5V
Dimensions 100mmx70mm
Weight 250g
Environmental rating IP67
Enclosurematerial ABSplastic
Compatiblegateways Avocado Node BaseStation
Software NodeControllerTM Software compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
Regulatorycompliance FCC(U.S.),IC(Canada),CE (Europe), JET (Japan)


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